03 October 2013

Video Tutorials

I was thinking of making a video tutorial some point soon. I've added a poll below. The idea for the tutorials are that they are quite short and to the point. I won't be making a finished piece but would like to cover some common production workflows, tips and tricks. Drop me a vote, or if you have other suggestions send me and email!
What video tutorial would you like to see?
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29 September 2013

The Mule

A concept I did a while back in some downtime.

Speed Sculpting for Hewlett Packard

The other day I was invited to take part in a speed sculpting event for HP with some friends from Framestore. We had an hour to sculpt a creature using Mudbox to test out their new workstations. The theme was 'Unleash the Beast'.

Mid session, I'm in the middle wearing the green shirt:

Final sculpt:

The next day I added a base and rendered out in Keyshot:

Overall it was a fun experience and something I'd like to do more of!

07 March 2013

Prints for Sale!

If you would like to buy a print of the Walter White poster please visit my store here. They are printed on high quality 350gsm paper and available in A3 size along with a narrower version.

I will start shipping them ASAP.

06 March 2013

Finished Walter White Print


I finally got round to finishing off the Walter White character I was working on. It wasn't meant to be done in this style originally but its a really nice departure from the realistic work I normally do.

Thanks to my friend James who did the original concept for a modelling course I was teaching.

I'll be doing a print run shortly, check back here if you would like to buy one.

I also created a narrow version:

10 October 2012

Bedtime Stories (2008)

A family comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.

This was the first feature film I worked on. It was a fun, quirky show with a relatively quick turnaround. My work included:

- Designing and modelling the spaceships that fly outside the space station.
- Designed and modelled the hover boards for Guy Pearce and Adam Sandler
- Crowd modelling
- CG weapons and weapon rack modelling
- Environment modelling and set extension
- Creating set geometry for matchmove from LIDAR

Ship Design
 Environment and Ship Modelling

Weapon Modelling

 Environment set extension and crowd modelling

Hoverboard design and set extension

09 October 2012

The Animation Workshop, Denmark

The Animation Workshop is a place I like to visit once or twice a year to teach. I always enjoy my time here and its great to meet up with the students and staff to have some fun. Its a cool place with a vibrant atmosphere and excellent students. I believe Richard Williams even wrote 'The Animators Survival Kit', while here, good stuff!

Outside of my usual teaching this time, I have been invited to partake in a TAW Talk! Very exciting, details below:

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Perseus, mortal son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering the Earth and the heavens.

Clash of the Titans was one of my favorite films to work on. The work we created was primarily focused around the Scorpioch sequence.

For this show myself and Paul Murphy worked on the character design, supervised by Stephane Paris and Simon Stanley Clamp. We did several concepts in Mudbox and Maya and used a mixture of parts to achieve the final design.

In total there were four final Scorpioch designs created; 15ft, 30ft, 40ft Traveller and Mother with palaquin attachment. All of the modelling, concept and sculpting work was carried out by myself and Paul.

Other work included; a digi-double that is stabbed by the 30ft Scorpioch, internal Scorpioch guts sculpting and modelling, a camel carrying supplies and some terrain for the Scorpioch shadow pass.

Some of my Mother sculpt concepts 

Some of my Fighter sculpt concepts
Quick Photoshop Paintovers
30ft Fighter Wire
Final 30ft Fighter design with Digi Double
30ft Fighter

Internal gut modelling and sculpting

Mother Scorpioch

08 October 2012

Prince of Persia (2010)


A young fugitive prince and princess must stop a villain who unknowingly threatens to destroy the world with a special dagger that enables the magic sand inside to reverse time.

My work on Prince of Persia was focused around the City of Nasaf sequence at the beginning of the film. The majority of the work was cg set replacement, environment modelling and early layout. I also modelled and textured several crowd assets; people that lived around the city and the animals they kept. 

Early model and layout.

 Early model and layout.

 Crowd and Environment

 Crowd and Environment
 Crowd and Environment
  Crowd and Environment

27 September 2012

Walter White

Haven't posted in a while! Here is a model I have been working on recently. Its Walter White from the end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad. Lots more to do, but hopefully the final plan is to get it 3D printed and an illustration out of it. I might try and do a few more outfits for him based off of pivitol scenes in the series. Thanks for looking, its been a fun destraction from realistic work.

Original 2D concept is from my friend James Gilleard